Watch Crystal Replacement

Watch Face Repair – Glass Face Watch Repair

The watch crystal is that front part of your watch, usually made of glass or plastic, which covers up the dial, or face. Since this part of the watch literally “faces” the rest of the world, it often takes a lot of abuse. They can scratch, crack or break just from dropping it on the ground. Thankfully, most watch crystals are easy to replace, and to replace with original parts.

What To Do?

If you’re finding your watch crystal is constantly getting scratched or cracked, a good option would be to upgrade to a sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystals are significantly stronger than mineral glass crystals, and are virtually scratch resistant.

Custom Made Crystals For Oddly Shaped Watches

Most crystals are readily available for replacement when damage occurs, but in the case that the crystals we have available don’t fit your particular watch, we can make a custom one just for you.

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